New Video: The Big 4 Ballad – 10 Songs, 1 Guitarist

“The Big 4” – Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, & Anthrax are mostly known for thrash and speed metal, so the irony of creating a ballad medley was too awesome to pass up. After seeing the Sofia “Am I Evil” jam, I got the idea to put this together, but I sat on it forever because I had problems finding usable “ballad” tunes from Anthrax. Slayer’s more mellow stuff was just as scarce, but “Spill The Blood” and “Seasons in The Abyss” were no-brainers.

This project was HUGE. 1 medley, 10 songs, 4 bands, 4 separate instruments. Phew! Not only did I have to pick 10 songs to learn, but I also had to choose the right song sections and arrange them so they all fit together (harder than it sounds when you figure in key and tempo changes).

I then had to write/learn drum and bass parts to “glue” it all together…and yes, I did play the drums and bass on this one, but since I used them more as “glue” to hold the songs together, I opted to leave them out of the video. I might eventually post some shots of them here on my blog.

Here is the full list of songs covered, in order:
1. Megadeth – Good Mourning/Black Friday
2. Metallica – Nothing Else Matters
3. Slayer – Spill The Blood
4. Megadeth – Foreclosure of a Dream
5. Anthrax – Dallabnikufesin
6. Metallica – Battery
7. Anthrax – Who Cares Wins
8. Slayer – Seasons in The Abyss
9. Metallica – Fade To Black
10. Megadeth – Trust

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