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New Video: Living Dead Girl (A 2015 Halloween Treat)

I was digging around my old music catalog for something spooky and fun to cover this fall. The Monster Mash and Thriller have been done to death. I wanted something that you don’t really see people doing. Then it hit me — Rob Zombie is synonymous with dark imagery these [...]

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My Recording Studio – Walkthrough Part 2 (2015)

Hello and welcome to part 2 of this short studio walkthrough series. In this installment, we’re covering studio hardware and sound treatment. No need for a long intro. Let’s jump right in! Sound Treatment This is one area that I haven’t spent a lot of time or money on, admittedly. [...]

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Follow CGi On These Social Networks

Find me in all of the usual places. YouTube for most of my big releases, Facebook for regular updates, Instagram for more personal day-to-day life stuff, and Twitter for absolute randomness. I do NOT cross post. Unique content on each network. CGi on YouTube CGi on Facebook CGi on Instagram [...]

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My Recording Studio – Walkthrough Part 1 (2015)

I’ve been using small-but-quality recording components since I started around 15 years ago. I simply haven’t needed anything more until recently. Aside from a short stint with the disastrous Tascam US-800, I’ve always run nothing more than a couple microphones and a 2-channel interface. Electric guitars & bass have usually [...]

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