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Does This 2007 Home Studio Recording Hold Up?

A few weeks ago, I dug up one of my bands’ EPs, produced by yours truly. Good times. It felt nice not to cringe at the production, considering that it was produced entirely on a low-level Tascam (US-122) audio interface [...]

May 30, 2014

New Video: Xs For Eyes by Skekzi – Playthrough

If you haven’t figured it out yet, Skekzi is my band. “Xs For Eyes” is my current favorite song of ours, so I thought it’d be cool to do a play-through while giving some history on our band. Fun Fact [...]

May 4, 2014
Cover of Stabbing Westward's song What Do I Have To Do

New Video: What Do I Have To Do by Stabbing Westward – Cover

2,500. …the number of miles separating me from the vocalist in this track. No matter, we busted this one out with the help of my good friend and fellow home studio producer Mark Bowman. Let me know how it turned [...]

March 9, 2014

New Video: Provoking Dysphoria – An Original Classical Piece on Acoustic Guitar

I’ve always had a thing for classical guitar. I haven’t picked one up yet, but I didn’t want that to stop me from writing. The quality of the video in this clip makes me want to hurl, but I do [...]

February 13, 2014